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Why should you have an Akashic Reading?
Rev. Dr. Roberta S. Herzog, D.D.


You are reading my message for many reasons. Perhaps you are curious as to what The Akashic Records are and how a reading of these sacred Records will be beneficial to your life. The most direct answer to your question is....you are a seeker of Truth!

You want to know who you are, where you have lived in the past and the impact of past lives upon your present challenges and future experiences. You have come from a specific religious background and perhaps you have studied many philosophies through numerous schools. Maybe your education is from the more difficult "school of life," with all of its sadness and betrayal. You have asked for the Truth on what happens to your Soul when you die. The answers you received did not nourish or satisfy you. Therefore, your search has continued and the questions still permeate your Soul...  "Who am I? What am I doing on Earth at this time? Where am I heading and who will share my life with me? Why am I always so ill? Why can't the medical community heal my body? What is my purpose in life now? Am I in the correct vocation?" Ah... questions! Eternal questions asked by us all.

In the 34 years I've been privileged to read from The Akashic Records, most of my clients have asked these questions with answers coming from the "unfinished business" (Karma - the Law of Cause and Effect) that has not been addressed from your past incarnations. Instead of trying to solve the problems of relationships, health, vocation and purpose in life with the modalities geared to this 21st century life which only work with the effects, we go into one or more past lives where we find the cause of the effects you are experiencing. We locate the time period, the civilization and your role in that period. We find the cause and treat for the cause and not the effect! My job is to give you information that is accurate, easily understood and comes from the highest integrity. I would enjoy sending you my 32 page booklet that describes my work in detail. Information on how to obtain "The Akashic Reading Guidelines" is on my home page.

Thank you very much for spending this time at my web site.
Shalom and God Bless you!!

Home Akashic Reader The Akashic Records Inner Signature Classes Teaching CDs Gemstones! Fax Order Form

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