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In the Holy Name of G-d, The Source of All... Amen.

WE ARE ALL SEEKERS OF TRUTH. We want to know who we are, where we have been and where we are going. We want to know who has traveled with us in the past and who will travel with us in the future. This implies a concept of “Time,” which is only measured on our Third Dimension here on Earth. Time, on the higher dimensions, does not exist as we understand it.

You are reading these words now because you learned many of the world’s religions and philosophies, taking from each of them what you felt was Truth. And yet, your search continued. There was always an empty space inside that you tried to fill, yet that space remained empty and incomplete. We have all asked our priests, rabbis, ministers, holy men and women to enlighten us on the nature of the Soul, asking for Truth. Perhaps the most prevalent question in our heart and mind was “What happens to our Soul when we die?” Answers received did not satisfy our thirst. Eventually, we realized that as these well intentioned men and women completed their spiritual and seminary studies, they believed their education was complete. Many ceased to grow and learn. We then began to believe that possibly our knowledge, born of intense searching about the nature of the Soul, was more complete than their current understanding.

These questions took us traveling throughout many lives. We had the feeling of being very different from our parents, friends and colleagues. Our window on the world was wide, viewing the planet through the “Eye of our Soul” instead of seeing everything in a linear mode. Our sadness and disappointments became immeasurable. As our inner sight opened, we began to recognize many people in our life as “old friends” or family members from the past. And yet, we’ve only just met them now, in this life! There was always a light inside us that condoned these meetings, knowing that we have journeyed in prior centuries with these Souls. Oh, how we wanted to embrace them, saying, “I’m so glad you are in my life, once again, living at the same time! We can help and love each other through the difficulties of life now!” Yet, we hesitated to speak this Truth as we knew it may not be their Truth. Because of this, we learned to keep the silence and, in our self discipline, we learned to observe and wait for their greater illumination. However, our loneliness increased.

Our search took us to the great libraries of the world. We found that every author had an opinion. Still we searched, realizing we too had opinions about the nature of the Soul and its journey through Time. As the fullness of life’s experiences came upon us, the realization of the Truth concerning the Soul’s embodiments, life after life, was strong. Deeper into the mysteries of life we explored, seeking out wise men and women until we came to the understanding that there was a greater Library! This is the Library of Akasha, wherein are kept the Records of all our past lives as well as information concerning our planet.

THE WORD “AKASHA” “Akasha” is extremely ancient, predating all of Earth’s languages, past and present. While words that are similar sounding may be found in other languages, “Akasha” is, literally, a language unto itself. The word is pronounced “Ah-kah-shah.” When I asked Abu Kash Kar, the Keeper of all the Akashic Libraries of this solar system, where this word originated, his answer was fascinating. I was directed to Genesis I:2,3. We read that after G-d created Heaven and Earth, G-d’s Spirit “...moved upon the face of th 

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Scroll One
The Library of Akasha

......And the knowledge is now passed to a generation of initiates and seekers of the wisdom of light who presently understand the missing energy in their Soul’s journey. Herein is the knowledge, the understanding and the Light. Thank you, G-d.

The Akashic Records are written on Scrolls or Books, in the language of the life you lived. These lives may have been on Earth, on another planet in this solar or adjacent systems, or even countless light years from Earth. As you think, speak and act, everything is written in your Book of Life in the mother language of the civilization and time period you experienced.

Some people have Scrolls, others have Books onto which their lifetimes are written. A few have both Scrolls and Books. It may seem logical to you that we would need a sufficient quantity of Scrolls or Books to record all thoughts, words and deeds. This is not necessarily correct. The number of lifetimes and the length of each life determine the size of our Scroll or Book.

Souls who have incarnated upon Earth very early in the history of this planet naturally have more written accounts of their lifetimes. Souls that have chosen to incarnate less frequently have fewer lifetimes to record.

You may wonder, why does one Soul have a Book and another a Scroll? Generally, I have found a mirroring effect in operation that answers this question. If your first incarnation on Earth was a very long time ago, you may have a Scroll. Numerous ancient civilizations have used scrolls, whether made from animal skins or vegetation. For example, if the person being read is a very old Soul on Earth, they would have incarnated into a number of civilizations where scrolls were used to pen information. Usually those lifetimes are recorded on a Scroll in the Library of Akasha. The same person can, additionally, have one or more Books into which I can research and find information. The lifetimes within these Books would generally mirror more lifetimes within the realms of recorded history. This information is given as a generality, as there are always exceptions. As an example, I have read for people who are very ancient Souls. They first incarnated here tens of thousands of years ago. One might suppose that their Records were almost exclusively on Scrolls. Actually, several had Books of life. There were no Scrolls in the Library for these people, only Books. The important Truth is what is written on the page, not the actual vehicle for the information.

The second method that determines whether we have a Book or a Scroll is made by the Keeper of the Records, Abu Kash Kar. He has full understanding of the Soul’s journey throughout all incarnations and therefore comprehends the amount of space necessary for all lives to be recorded. As a general observation, I have noticed that more information can be recorded in Scrolls than in Books.

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Soul Mates

The information presented here also contains the correct definition of a “Soul Mate.” There is, sadly, so much misinformation in books and by lecturers concerning this concept! We want so much to believe that our spouse is our “Soul Mate.” It is highly improbable! We have only ONE Soul Mate throughout all eternity! When our permanent Atom divided, we knew that we would learn and grow at a faster rate. In this way, there was a realization that the loneliness experienced in many lives, would also be potentially overwhelming. Why? We knew that we would always be searching for the other half of ourselves! We often married a person who had many of the characteristics of our true Soul Mate. Yet, we consistently felt an estrangement and emptiness.

We were always searching...and searching for that one true mate. Yet, it is only in an exceptional lifetime, and then with the permission of one of the great Lords of Karma, that we are granted the experience to be with our TRUE Soul Mate in a lifetime. I am told by Abu Kash Kar that, at any time in the history of Earth, there are approximately two thousand pairs of Soul Mates that are permitted to live together. (Could be several hundred plus or minus two thousand.) These Souls work together, as a unified pair, for the glory of G-d in specific arenas of life. These opportunities are rare. Lifetimes where this may occur will usually see this united pair of Soul mates only interested in themselves and their chosen work. They may not accomplish very much with their children or loved ones as they are so complete with just themselves! Much of their personal Karma may remain unfinished as their Karmic contracts are rarely addressed because of being consumed with each other! You see, dear ones, the bliss of coming together again, allows them to breathe part of the understanding of G-d’s creation as the experience of “oneness” with their true mate mirrors the Oneness of G-d.

On a higher level, the best way to reunite with our true Soul Mate is to earn the experience. Here on Earth, we must be ever vigilant of those who, even with well intentioned motives, are pairing people together, announcing that they are “Soul Mates.” A tremendous amount of damage has been done to people and their families because of teachers and psychics who have made these pronouncements. I’ve had the privilege of being in the Ancient Wisdom and Metaphysical fields for almost four decades. Within this time, I’ve sadly heard of so-called spiritual teachers conducting seminars on”How to Meet your Soul Mate.” Several people have come to me over the years, claiming they have been paired up with a “mate” in a class. They left their spouses, their children and all of their responsibilities because of this pronouncement! The Karma for the teacher as well as for those who severely lacked discernment is quite considerable.

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Scroll Five
Your Soul’s Name

We are all breathed forth from the Heart of G-d at the identical moment, similar to what in the physical sciences is called the “big bang” theory. Because of this exquisite event, we are all the same “age” and, as we definitely share the same Divine Parent, we are all brethren. This Truth is at the core of the Universal Law of Unity. Ancient holy books, including our Holy Bible, all begin human life with a single Soul that divided into male and female. Our story of Adam in the Book of Genesis is quite fascinating and important. Adam, or more correctly, Adama, was the first human being and was androgynous. Adam, literally, gives birth to another sentient being, a female, which was the female portion of himself. This is one of several accounts in The Bible of unusual births. It is unusual in any literary work to read of a man giving birth and yet, that is exactly what we read in Genesis. When we understand what was really said, we comprehend the information previously given regarding Soul mates. We have all come from one Permanent Atom (Adam). When we look at the concept of the whole Permanent Atom, we realize that just as we have enjoyed a name in each and every life on Earth, as well as other planetary embodiments, G-d brought forth all creation with Primal Sound. Each of us received a portion of the Primal Sound. The part we received is our true name. This is the Name that belongs to our Soul, not to any physical body that our Soul inhabits from life to life.

We have a masculine (positive) and a feminine (negative) polarity to our whole Permanent Atom. Our true Name is the masculine and feminine frequency sound of that name! An example of such a divided name here on Earth would be the names Michael and Michelle. True Soul Names, given at the beginning of your Journey as a Soul, have a different frequency and not only look unusual, but have more unusual pronunciations. Examples of Soul Names would include Elana (feminine)
and Elan (masculine) as well as Persa (feminine) and Pearsis (masculine). Both the feminine and masculine portions of your Permanent Atom contain the frequency of every name you have ever selected, prior to every lifetime on Earth....as well as any other planet in this or another solar system. As explained earlier in this book, your name is important because a part of your present

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What happened to Atlantis?

Prior to the complete destruction of Atlantis, the true masters of that land knew the demise of the continent was impending. Desiring to preserve as much information about their culture, educational systems and philosophies as possible for future generations yet unborn, they began to traverse the globe in their “christas.” These masters were searching for the exact geographical locations on the globe where the Earth put forth it finest and most sublime frequency of energy. At these junctures they began to educate the elders of the native populations with information on higher mathematics, the Gematria of numbers and its implications for constructing buildings at sacred places globally. Gematria is used for a myriad of uses, however the Atlantean masters were focused on very specific work to save their culture. They also taught the mathematical basis for the combined sciences of astronomy and astrology. These masters, both male and female, were able to ascertain the land masses that would remain after the last vestiges of Atlantis were consumed by the body of water now fittingly called the Atlantic Ocean. In their collective wisdom, they orchestrated the construction of the Great Pyramid at the very center of the land masses after the continent went below the waters. They knew that this enormous Temple of Light would remain long after the ocean swallowed mighty Atlantis...long after the earthquakes had ceased and long after the remains of land disappeared and the remnant of people were assimilated into other cultures that survived the deluge.

It is written in Earth’s Book of Life that what we call the Great Pyramid is actually a library in stone, built to last many thousands of years. The library’s language is mathematics. As Atlantis went down approximately 10,500 B.C., one might ask, “Is it only a library?” No. It is far more than only a magnificently constructed pyramid. Even more interesting is that the architect De De built the pyramid as a cover to the main entrance to the Inner Earth civilizations. Indeed, the Great Pyramid was one of fourteen entrances to the Inner Earth lacing our planet. The ancients, with deliberation, selected these sites for entry and exit to the Inner Earth’s four enormous caverns.

For almost three hundred years prior to the complete destruction of Atlantis, the prophets and prophetesses traveled throughout the continent, trying to warn the citizens of the destruction by water and earthquakes that were to occur “soon.” As “soon” did not happen immediately, many of these good souls were laughed at and scorned for spreading apprehension. They were told, “Go to the colonies! Created a new life for yourselves! Atlantis will be destroyed because of the misuse of its technology!” Remember, as Atlantis existed as a civilization for several thousand years, it naturally built up a high technology, similar to our technology today in the twenty-first century. The powerful science of the day produced scientists who were consumed with the power at their control with initially cloning grain, fruits and vegetables and then cloning animals.

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The Tunnel System within the Earth
One of the main entrances into this vast tunnel system is located under the Andes Mountains of Lake Tittacaca as well as under the Great Pyramid of Egypt. This system was well known by the ancients on our planet and was an elegant tubular pathway that still exists today. The tunnel system was used by selected initiates to traverse the globe. They are dark when one enters and then are lit by the combination of the electricity of the human auric field and the electromagnetic energy emitted by the small vehicular devices called “christas” that can convey up to six people. As the christas and humans pass through the tunnels, the sides of the tunnel tubes light up with a phosphorescent green glow that is calming on the eyes. When one tube connects with another, there is a slowing down effect so that the occupants of the vehicles may read the directions, which are encrypted on the walls of the tunnel in the El’s native language. This language is very similar in sound, writing and meaning to Hebrew.

As we continue our discussion on Mu, it is interesting to note that examples of the enormous tree life of Mu can be seen today in northern California with the giant Sequoia trees. There is no other place on Earth where these trees grow so large and are so very ancient in age. The State of California was anciently a part of Mu.

The land mass of Mu experienced volatile underground gas explosions that ripped the tectonic plates. These explosions kept occurring over several hundred years and, eventually, most of Mu perished. As a result of these changes, California separated from her mother continent. What we now know as California, Mexico, all of South and Central America, New Zealand, Australia and all the islands of the North and South Pacific Oceans, including Hawaii (many of which are the mountain tops of Mu) remained. As the people of Mu were more pantheistic (seeing G-d in Nature) than monotheistic, they believed that they were a complete part of Nature and respectfully worked with all of the four elements of earth, fire, air and water. Their Kalas taught their people of the eternal rhythms of Nature. When they noted an exceptional man or woman who was hungry for additional knowledge, the inner temples of Mu were then opened to them. All this learning ceased when Mu submerged.

One of the most sacred land masses above water on our planet today is South America. Within its lush jungles, today being defiled by those hungry for greed and profit , are sacred buildings constructed by the distant ancestors of the population of Mu. Similar motifs of dragons, serpents and snakes as well as geometric symbols and artifacts will be found that will prove that peoples of antiquity traded with each other internationally, especially through the vast tunnel system.

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Definition of a Master soul

Masters can and often are known to cross over into other dimensions of Time and space when they no longer are needed here on this third dimension. By definition, they have conquered all of the lessons that a third dimensional planet can teach as a “schoolroom of life.” These lessons include the understanding and mastering of....unconditional love; patience; kindness; forbearance; temperance; spiritual discrimination; proper government; tolerance; practicing the silence of meditation; the transmutation of all personal Karmic debts; the ability to materialize any material object from the universal ethers and the ability to heal with the mind or with a single touch to void the pain of another sentient being. Their humility is true and rarely will they say, “I am a Master.” They are servants to all. I continue to be suspicious of people who claim to be Masters.

Those of you who have read this far may have begun to feel an “Inward Energy,” a movement of Higher Thought churning inside your consciousness. Perhaps you may have the impression that these concepts of ancient civilizations are familiar to you. Even though you are in a phyical body, you are still a “traveler” on Earth. As a “traveler” you are tied into the Karma you have brought forward from past lives to complete now. You have had an ongoing desire to learn the Truth concerning the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Sadly, the spiritual counselor of the religion you were born into may not have been able to satisfy this hunger as they may not have actively searched for this knowledge. That’s OK, as rarely have they searched and yearned for a higher and more complete knowledge. They have been content with the areas of study learned in schools and seminaries. Additionally, numerous members of the clergy are involved with religious practices because, in prior lives, they may have withheld Truth from seekers and now they must give forth information, usually within the same religion they lived in and withheld the knowledge. It has been anciently the same, as rarely has humanity been taught consistent Truth.

The Truth is that we have never needed a person to intercede and connect us with G-d. We certainly have needed teachers and guides, on this and higher levels of consciousness. However, we have always had the mandate to go directly to our Creator to ask questions AND to receive answers. When we understand this Truth, we begin to ask the right questions to truly qualified and G-d centered Souls who have walked the Path directly to G-d. They can show us a way. It may not be our way, but it will be a way that is successful for them and others. They can and should give us positive and G-d centered tools that we can take with us on our Journey. The ancient schools of this planet, called the “Mystery Schools” (covered in another chapter) provided a forum for learning and discussion, combined with “tests” called “initiation rites” that gave entrance into still higher and deeper studies.

Truth is recognized by its fruit. We should always discern if we are being fed “good fruit” which will always be G-d centered, vibrant and radiating with Light!

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How the illustrations were accomplished.....

When my Spirit Spiritual Teacher gave me this “assignment” to write a book explaining the Akashic Records, I knew that full color illustrations would be an extremely important asset in portraying what I experience each time I enter the Akashic Library. My feeling was that you would be interested in seeing what the Library looked like so that the illustrations would supplement the text.

While I am a trained portraiture artist, I’m not an illustrator. Fortunately, G-d placed a wonderful man in my circle of friends in the town I lived in for twenty-eight years in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This man is Brian Keeler. I knew Brian as a young man growing up in Wyalusing, Pa. and followed his career as a fantastically gifted artist in numerous mediums of artistic expression. Brian believes in Reincarnation and has received several readings from me. I therefore knew that I could approach him with the details of this project and he graciously agreed to work with me for a cover and four views of the Library. Essentially, he would paint my vision. Brian had the humility to work with my vision. His renditions are outstanding and accurate.

We began with the cover, as it was the most challenging. He and I sat in his studio and, as I began to tell him what the cover needed to portray, he began to sketch my vision. I brought my drawings of the symbols as well as the Hebrew letters to the sessions. Brian never saw a Hebrew letter in his life, yet he copied the Hebrew I wrote for him with exactitude. As the cover sketch began to take shape in front of my eyes on the first session, I knew my vision would be transmitted beautifully. As the first viewing, several weeks later, was shown to me, I stared with awe that Brian was able to comprehend and translate my vision to the canvas. Right there, in his studio, the cover came to life. I hugged him and cried a little. Brian was absolutely right for a project of this scope.

As each illustration took form, I realized that you, as the reader, would have a unique opportunity to view the reality of the Akashic Library over Earth as well as one view of the Akashic Library over Venus. Every planet has it’s own unique Akashic Library. Each one is quite interesting and very beautiful. All the illustrations together took about four months to complete.

Brian is a true artist, a natural genius. His work in many artistic modalities is outstanding. I’ve asked him to include a brief biography of his artistic career. As this information now is over ten years old, I am perfectly sure that he has far more credentials than what is written here. I publicly thank Brian for working with me on each illustration. Seeing the Libraries, even if only on canvas, is an extraordinary gift for us all!

The Author

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Illustration Three
The Akashic Library
Earth’s Book of Life

We are looking at a room within the main room of Earth’s Akashic Library where Earth’s Book of Life and the Records of all ancient and modern nations reside. As you will note, this is separated by a totally transparent crystalline enclosure. Please note that the entrance into this crystal room also has a “Key” entrance. The pattern on the floor has changed dramatically from the black and white checkerboard floor to this moving flow of color. The checkerboard floor reminds us of the duality of life in the Third Dimension as well as the permanency of the Akashic Records themselves for Earth. We cannot change our past. We can modify our understanding of events from the Karma we have made and learn from that wisdom. In that way it can be safe to assume that we have the opportunity not to repeat the same mistakes in the next life.

The blue and gold colors on the floor now under discussion remind the researcher of the more fluid nature of Earth’s Records. We, as planetary citizens, collectively have the power to modify as well as to change our future. As we may be our own ancestors now, we could so wonderfully modify the heavy negativity upon Earth so that, in lifetimes yet to be experienced, our planet would be fit for continued habitation. The flowing nature of the floor represents the fluid nature of Time in the Third Dimension for change.

In the center of the room stands the clear, chiseled and fluted quartz crystal pedestal upon which is placed Earth’s Book of Life. Every planet in this and other solar systems has its complete history recorded in some kind of a permanent Record. As Earth is composed of numerous nations, each nation has its own Akashic Record.

Please note the representations of large, individual National Books on the quartz wall in the background. As an event on Earth occurs every second, whether it is a geological or whether change, a political, economic or war confrontation, there is an immediate record that appears

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