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“The Inner Signature Class”
with Dr. Roberta S. Herzog, DD

Dear Friend,

2010 represents 38 years of study in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.  During these years, I’ve been privileged to study the great teachings of ancient and modern sages.  This, combined with good spiritual practices, such as daily prayer and meditation, combined with the ability to access The Akashic Records for 34 years, has given me the opportunity to teach fascinating subjects in live classes in this and other countries.  Students have consistently inquired if they could study personally with me; that they would travel to my home for that opportunity!  I’ve always turned them down because of the time necessary to devote to face-to-face private tutoring with my personal schedule.

Several years ago I received the suggestion from Spirit that would allow selected students who wanted personal training to receive it as well as for me to continue to manage my personal and professional time effectively.  I initiated “The Inner Signature Class” as a result.  Currently there are outstanding students enrolled in the class and, as they have stayed in the class for a long time, they genuinely feel they are receiving great benefit.  Why?  They were immediately able to APPLY the principles taught in the class to their every day personal and professional life, quickly and efficiently.  If you are interested in these classes, please read further…


This is a course to teach you “how to think!”  In all the schools you’ve attended, it is a sure bet that you were never taught how to think!  You were taught how to read a book, to listen to a class lecture and then you were tested on what you “learned!”  What you learned rarely prepared you for the “real world.”  This is what the classes will do:

  • Your class is private – just you and me on the telephone;

  • The session is a full 1 ½ hr. long with you making the call to me.

  • Each session is taped with excellent equipment so you can study it at your leisure;

  • While the basic format is similar for each student, I personally design the curriculum to your personal needs.

  • You have personally important information, focusing on specific areas of your life, teaching you HOW to think your way into and out of a situation.  We work with the challenges you are currently experiencing and apply the information learned in the class to each issue.

  • The classes are not therapy sessions!  We work with the thinking process!

A FEW OF THE SUBJECTS COVERED IN “The Inner Signature Class”

  • What is thought…

  • What is thinking…

  • Universal Mind and Creative Intelligence

  • How to solve problems

  • The power of the spoken word

  • The Law of Cause and Effect

  • Memory is an “active principle” and how to effectively use it

  • Truth, Trust and Faith

  • Understanding prosperity and money as an energy

  • The “Ancient Thanksgiving Formula”

  • The “Greatest Fundamental Law of the Universe

these are only a FEW of the subjects we cover in the course!  All these lessons are taught over a period of time and not in one session!

You can take only one class…you can study with me on a weekly, monthly or bimonthly basis.  The number of classes you take are determined by you!  You may have a little “homework” from time to time.


The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

The Holy Bible, - your choice of editions

CLASS FEE: Each 1 ½ hour class is $150.00*

*You may also consider subscribing to a series of 4 classes, paid in full at one time.  The amount for each class would then decrease to $125.00, making the fee $500.00.  You can also combine this subscription with the special fee I have made available with my one hour Akashic Readings.  Please ask me for further information.

The fee should be paid in full prior to each class with a check, money order or you can use the convenience of Visa/MC.  If you are taking advantage of the 4 classes for $500.00, the entire fee must be paid in full at one time.

…There is no time limit on the classes and the number of classes is completely in your decision making.

…If you request a refund on unused classes, the sessions already received will be valued at the normal $150/class fee with the balance lovingly refunded to you.  This is both fair and ethical for us both.

…Many students of this class have brought their personal issues/problems to the class and have had a good, solid way of solving the situation at the end of the class.  I cannot solve your problems or karma for you.  I can, however, show you a way, using good G-d centered Universal Law to bring the situation into balance.


If you are interested in The Inner Signature Class, you can call me and discuss it further and, if you wish, you can make your first appointment.  Please understand that enrollment is limited to my clients—those of you who have had an Akashic Reading with me.  If this kind of personal, very result-oriented course appeals to you, please contact me at your convenience at:   Iamlux@aol.com

or write: 
Roberta S. Herzog Foundation, Inc
P.O. Box 10382
McLean, Virginia 22012-8383

Thank you for considering “The Inner Signature Class.”  It’s an unusual opportunity to learn and grow to rapidly make significant and positive changes in your life!

All Blessings to you and your loved ones…


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