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Dear Readers, 


I’ve been involved in the study, understanding of and selling of high quality GEMSTONES for over 30  years.  The gemstones I sell are beautiful and very inexpensive. The reason for the low prices is that I purchase as close to the source of the mining of the gemstone as possible so there are very few dealers who have placed their profit on the stones.


The reason I have worked to understand gemstones and to offer them to those who are interested is very simple…It is one of the “Gifts of the Spirit” that has been given to me by G-d to, literally “hear” the tonal sounds of gemstones!  These tonal sounds are quite like music.  They can be a single sound or a blending of sounds.  When I realized this, many years ago, it was also given to me to understand that each of us also has a tonal sound, however it is far more complex.  When we are not well physically, emotionally or spiritually, the tonals of our body are “off” in their frequency.  The idea came to me to match the stone’s frequency with the tonal of the human being.  What occurred was quite wonderful!  The stone, when worn or held, was able to bring the person into balance.  Not always instantly.  However, over a short period of time, the person felt better.  There are numerous ways to use these stones in addition to being set into jewelry, which I can discuss verbally with you.


As I try to purchase these stones, as indicated, as  directly from the source in the ground as possible, usually from the stone cutter, my prices are extremely low.  However, all stones are absolutely genuine and are unconditionally guaranteed.  I have stones as inexpensive as $1.00 to several thousand dollars and everywhere in between!  All of my stones are either fully faceted or cabochon (smooth) cut.



I invite you to give me a call and to let me know your budget, which I will do everything possible to work within and to give you the highest quality stone(s) possible.  Stones can be requested for yourself, a loved one, or a friend.  They make superior gifts that will last a lifetime. Often my clients have given these stones as a birthday or anniversary gift as well as for a special occasion.


                        You can e-mail me at:                     iamlux@aol.com




Visa, MasterCard, Money Order or your good check.  Because of the extremely low cost of selling the stones, I will have to charge postage and insurance.  Overseas orders are always shipped via AirBorne Express and insured.  All postage and AirBorne costs will be your responsibility.  Orders are shipped after payment is received. Stones are unconditionally guaranteed.  You may return them to me, in the same condition as received by you, insured, for any reason and your money will be immediately refunded minus postage/shipping.


Thank you for considering my wonderful stones!


Light for your Journey!


Dr. Roberta S. Herzog, DD

Roberta S. Herzog Foundation, Inc
P.O. Box 10382
McLean, Virginia 22012-8383

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