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Copyright 1982 by Crystal Publications
Cover Art by Roberta S. Herzog

Transcend Time and Space,
Journeying to the inner sanctums of Mother Earth
and outer reaches of planets destroyed long ago.
Learn the Truth of the Ancient Wisdom teachings
in these beautifully woven mystical allegories...

Meet some of the Guardians of our planet and experience
how and where they live in places of power few humans know exist...
Understand the Wisdom of the Ancients
and how they teleported themselves at will...
how they lived to be hundreds of years old...
See them materialize objects before Anelleh's eyes...



I found, in over forty years of metaphysical and spiritual work, that it was very dull and sometimes quite boring to continually read straight text, however profoundly written. There has always been something about the story form that has not only kept my attention but has keyed me into subjects that later became a lifelong interests....and yes, many, many texts have been read between stories but the sparkling rainbows in a tale brought me into the consciousness of the writer and into the heart and soul of the teachings. Perhaps you found this to be true too.

The Anelleh stories came to manifestation after a deeply illuminating inner experience in Southern California in the Spring of 1980. This experience was personal and sacred. However, as the months passed and I returned home to my mountain in Northeastern Pennsylvania, there began to grow in my mind that the thought of others, throughout history, had not only had beautiful inner experiences but that they too have been contacted, consciously, by the Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood and that these experiences needed to be shared.

I began to tell these stories verbally at conferences sponsored by the Church into which I have taken my Ordination, The International Church of Ageless Wisdom. The responses were very touching and meaningful to me. I therefore continue to tell several additional stories at the end of day-long workshops with equally sustaining acceptance. Upon the encouragement of many people to put them into one place, this volume is the reflection of those urgings.

Several people have asked me, "Who is Anelleh?" and "Who is Little One?" Throughout the five stories, you will be able to piece together an outline of Anelleh. This is a woman who learned the secrets of longevity through her studies with the Brotherhood and, at the time of her physical transition, was over two hundred years old. She was commanded to keep the silence about her adventures around the world until seven years prior to her transition. Let the characters be a small reflection of something inside of you.  Let the stories be the mystical allegories they were written to be... truths conveyed in an interesting manner!

To each of you who are impressed to read all of my stories, please accept my appreciation. May each of you be blessed with peace of mind, good health and prosperity in every area of your life.

In the Service of the One,

Roberta S. Herzog

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