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A little about Roberta...

Rev. Dr. Roberta S. Herzog, D.D.
Shalom! --- Peace be with you.

For 34 years, good people from many nations, including my own beloved America, have sought me out by a referral from a friend, a loved one, or perhaps just meeting someone for a moment and exchanging information about how a true past life reading assisted them to move out of life's abundant challenges. I've selected this time in the history of our planet to be more public because Time, as we understand it, is brief and is being condensed.

We don't have the luxury of long units of Time to complete all the Karma we have pre-selected to work on in this life. We must be a little quicker now and have the courage to work with more diligence on the complicated issues of this last portion of our century. Many people claim to read The Akashic Records. Sadly, there are precious few of us remaining at this time. Additionally, each of us reads in our own way. The great seer, Edgar Cayce, read The Records in a sleep-like trance as did the more recent reader, Paul Solomon.

My training is to read in a direct manner. This way is called an "awareness trance," and this enables my Soul to be in a large and quite beautiful "Library" on the higher planes. Essentially, I read in a direct manner from your sacred Book of Life. I'm not reading you! The readings are mainly done on the telephone, however, numerous clients prefer me to make a tape for them or present the reading to them in written form. Friend, now is the time for all Truth to be presented! This is the main reason I have gone more public with my work on the internet and is one of the reasons you are still reading my words.

We all have a piece of a glorious puzzle. Perhaps I have a piece of your puzzle? Allow the experience of over 41 years as a student and teacher of God centered spiritual metaphysical science and 34 years as a reader of The Akashic Records assist you. My integrity is sound and my responsibility to you is sincere in its intent. My booklet is lovingly available to you. Please return to my home page where you will find all the information...

God Bless you.
May His Love and Light enter every area of your world.


Home Akashic Reader The Akashic Records Inner Signature Classes Teaching CDs Gemstones! Fax Order Form

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